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Excellent 3D printer for a lot of a tasks
  • Reliable mechanics. Unique guide rail construction guarantees consistent high quality, even at high speed of 200 mm/s.
  • Compatible with wide variety of materials. Supports over 40 types of plastics, including flexible materials up to 80A of hardness.
  • High precision 3D printing. 20 microns precision enables you to print your products with smoothest surfaces possible.
  • Very quiet 3D printer. Design and components of 3D printer ensure the operating noise below 55dB.
  • Fast 3D printing. High quality 3D printing even at 200 mm/s speed, thanks to robust body design and high-quality mechanical parts.
  • Closed housing. The housing specially designed to maintain constant temperature inside, which allows you to work with complicated materials.
  • User friendly. Easy to use interface and variety of accessories included in the bundle will make 3D printing process easy and enjoyable for you. 4 sides are open to view the process at all times.
Featured 3D printers


Inexpensive, single-extruder 3D printer with a build volume of 250×250×350 mm. It can print more than 40 types of different 3D plastics. It is made with a stable, vibration-free housing with the H-bot kinematics and high-quality components. An excellent 3D printer for printing large enough items on one machine. Great for creating 3D printing farms to produce large models and short to medium series.

KLEMA 250 Twin Pro

3D printer with two extruders and a build volume of 200×250×350 mm. Can print with two different materials at the same time. Provides a high-quality 3D printing with all tipes of 3D plastics (except PEEK).


An advanced high-tech 3D printer with build volume of 250×250×350 mm and operational temperature up to 320 °C. It can print with all of the types of 3D plastics (except PEEK). It gives you a high-level technology, quality, reliability and optimal price on one machine. You can carry out any tasks on one printer with KLEMA Pro. It is as similar as possible to professional analogs, but surpasses them in price (3 times lower than in competitors).

Featured plastic for 3D printing


Universal polymer for 3D printing, made from natural ingredients.



Durable, opaque plastic for creating functional parts and components, resistant to oils, acids, alkalis.



Materials for 3D printing flexible but durable parts.

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Happy Clients

My KLEMA 250 is suitable for 90% of the tasks in my production. I use it to print prototypes for my customers. It is inexpensive and reliable, which is important to me.

I have several KLEMA Pro working on a farm to print orders for my customers. Service is minimal – I’m satisfied.

My teenage son is interested in modeling and 3D printing. I bought him a 3D printer KLEMA 180, and he has already created dozens of figures on his printer. And he even started selling his crafts to friends.