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KLEMA 500 with a build volume of 250×250×555 mm is a 3D printer for convenient 3D printing of large-sized items. The 3D printer is made with a solid metal housing with rails and thanks to this it provides a high-quality 3D printing with the most types of plastics with extruder temperature up to 320 °C.

You can print whole products up to 555 mm high without cutting the model into smaller parts, with almost any type of plastic. You will be able to shorten the production cycle of large-sized parts, make them easier to post-process and improve the physical properties of every part, because they will be solid printed, and can better withstand stress.

We build our KLEMA 500 in a rugged steel case using reliable components. The stable body of the printer ensures the stable operation of the H-bot mechanics. This minimizes the likelihood of errors even at high print speeds up to 150 mm/s.

High precision 3D printing. The minimum layer height for 3D printing for the KLEMA 500 is 30 microns. The reduction gear of the table movement precisely and stably positions it in space. Thus, you can print products with very high detail, and guaranteed accuracy.

KLEMA 500 can print at temperatures up to 320 °С. It has access to the widest range of raw materials for printing with refractory plastics (polycarbonate). Its direct feed extruder allows you to print with the most flexible materials (such as Primalloy or PVA). Plastics PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, Nylon, Primalloy, Laywood, Laybrick, Flexible, PC, TPU, Flame Retardant, PETG, PET, CoPET, POM, PP, Carbon Fiber, Color Change, T-Glase, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Brass Filament and others are available for this printer.

A uniform temperature regime is maintained inside the building chamber of the KLEMA 500. Thanks to the closed case and uniform airflow around the model during printing, this printer can print with plastics that are sensitive to temperature changes during cooling. As a result, the number of explosions and deformations is reduced.

Heated platform made with tempered glass does not deform during printing.

Auto shutdown and resume 3D printing after a pause, protection against overheating and short circuit.

KLEMA 500 features
KLEMA 500 Reliable mechanics

Reliable mechanics

Guarantee better print quality and superior detail thanks to rail guides. High accuracy even at high-speed of 200 mm/s.

Support of various materials

KLEMA 500 сompatible with wide variety of materials. It supports printing with over 40 types of plastics, including flexible materials up to 80A of hardness. This increases the range of your capabilities hundreds of times.
PLA, PLA Max, PLA+, HPLA, ABS, ABS+, ASA, Plastan, Primalloy, Flex, TPU 80A/90A/40D, Elastan D160/D100/D70, TPE, PMMA, PET, POM, PA (Nylon), PA6, Conductive ABS, Flame Retardant, Marble, Ceramic-PLA, Zirconium-PLA, Aluminium-PLA, Copper-PLA, Bronze-PLA, Carbon Fiber, Nylon-Carbon, Petg-Carbon, PC-Carbon, PBT-Carbon, PC, PETG, HIPS, PP, PVA, PBT, Co-PET, Wood

KLEMA High precision 3D printing

High precision 3D printing

Print your products with 30 micron precision for the finest detail possible.

Very Quiet 3D Printer KLEMA

Very quiet 3D printer

Design and components of 3D printer ensure the operating noise below 55 dB.

KLEMA 3D Printer high-speed 3d printing

Fast 3D printing

High quality 3D printing even at 200 mm/s speed, thanks to robust body design and high-quality mechanicaal parts.

KLEMA 250×250×350 mm

Closed housing

Will ensure an even temperature regime and prevent the model from undermining and deforming.

User friendly

User friendly

Easy to use interfase and and variety of accessories included in the bundle will make 3D printing process easy and enjoyable for you. Four sides are open to view the process at all times.

Closed housing will ensure an even temperature regime and prevent the model from undermining and deforming.

A large area of construction 250×250×350 mm allows you to print both large products and small-scale production.

Reliable mechanics guarantee better print quality and superior detail thanks to rail guides. High accuracy even at a speed of 150 mm/s.

Support of various materials increases the range of your capabilities hundreds of times.

Printing at temperatures up to 270 °C makes it multifunctional 3D printer among the printers of its price category.

Metal body of 3D printer protects it from deformation and minimizes the likelihood of any errors in 3D printing.

High precision 3D printing. Print your products with 40 micron precision for the finest detail possible.

Specifications of the 3D Printer KLEMA 500


Printing technology


Minimum layer height (micron)


Build Field (mm)


Ø of plastic (mm)


Print temperature (°C)

Above 270

Number of extruders


Chamber type


Heating the chamber


Plastic drying




Feeder type



Diameter of the nozzle (mm)

0,4 (optional 0,2; 0,3; 0,4; 0,5; 0,6; 0,8; 1,0)

Positioning accuracy (µm)

XYZ: 1,25

Print speed (mm/s)

From 10 to 200

Maximum carriage speed (mm/s)


Maximum nozzle temperature (°C)


Heating the platform


Maximum platform temperature (°C)


Platform material

Strained glass

Printing material

PLA, ABS, PLA+, ABS+, ASA, HPLA, Elastan, Plastan, Primalloy, Flex, TPU, TPE, PMMA, PET, POM, PA (Nylon), PA6, Conductive ABS, Flame Retardant, Marble White PLA, Ceramic, Aluminium, Cooper, Bronze, Brass and Gold PLA filaments, Wood, Carbon Fiber, PC, PETG, HIPS, PP, PVA

Operating system

Windows, Linux, Mac OS, OSX


English, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese


Cura, Simplify3D, Slic3r, KISSlicer, Repetier-Host and others


USB, Wi-Fi


8/32 bit

Printer control

Color touchscreen

File format

STL, OBJ, Gcode, Amf

Power supply

110~220V, 500W

Assembly type

Supplied assembled

Body material

Steel 2 mm

Weight Netto (kg)


Dimensions Assembled (mm)


Weight Brutto (kg)


Dimensions Brutto (mm)


Manufacturer country


Warranty period (months)


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